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Yunpu LUO
Yunpu LUO

Vice President
Patent Attorney

Luo Yunpu graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University. He ever worked at an engineer at Beijing Inter-Combustion Engine Corp. for years. Then he worked as a Beijing representative of a Japanese NC machine tool company. During this period, he was many times in Japan for trainings relating to manufacturing of machine tools, numerical control systems, and quality management. He was a core member of the Japanese company in the whole process of establishing a joint venture company in Beijing. He has good knowledge about the philosophy and culture of Japanese enterprises. He is well trained in technologies and has a wide spectrum of knowledge.

He joined China Science in 2004 and was qualified as a patent attorney the same year. He is experienced in patent filing, re-examination, invalidation, and patent infringement litigation, especially in the areas of general machines, automobile, home electronics, and printers.