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Jinshan CHENG
Jinshan CHENG

Patent Attorney
Licensed Intellectual Property Judicial Appraiser

Mr. Cheng obtained his B.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from China Pharmaceutical University in 1991, M.S. degree in Biotechnology from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences (The Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences) and LLM from China University of Politics and Law. With 4 years’ experience already in scientific research on Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, he started his IP career in 1996. He was qualified as a patent attorney in 1998 and then an Intellectual Property Judicial Appraiser in 2004. Before joining CSPTAL in 2001, he had practiced IP law in LIU SHEN & ASSOCIATES for 3 years and then in CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office for another 3 years. Mr. Cheng’s technical expertise includes Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biology, Virology and Organic Chemistry.

His IP practice focuses on patent drafting, prosecution, counseling, litigation and other IP- related issues. Mr. Cheng has handled more than 1,000 Office Action cases, more than 80 Re-examination cases as well as several patent invalidation cases for Multinational companies. He has drafted more than 200 patent applications in Chinese or English for domestic or foreign filing. In addition, Mr. Cheng has been regarded as one of the most experienced patent attorneys in filing foreign patent applications in China. Mr. Cheng is a committee member of All-China Patent Agents Association (ACPAA), and a member of AIPPI and China Intellectual Property Society. He was elected as a Co-Director of Patent Committee of ACPAA and a consulting expert for China National Intellectual Property Strategy in 2005, Vice President of Beijing Intellectual Property Agents Association in 2006, and an expert for Evaluating the Examination Quality of Chinese Patent Office in 2010. He is also the author of a numerous articles in the IP field.

Selected Publications
CHENG Jinshan, Comments on Rule of Estoppel in the U.S. in the view of a Case Judged by the Federal Circuit Court, China Patent Agency, 2006;
CHENG Jinshan, Comments on Sufficient Disclosure of Description in the U.S. in the view of a Case Judged by the Federal Circuit Court, China Patent Agency, 2005;
CHENG Jinshan, Prosecution of Patent Applications related to Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology in China, the website of CSPTAL, 2005;
CHENG Jinshan, LI Yue, How to comprehend Double Patent in China, Journal of the Japanese Group of International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property & Practice on Patent Administrative litigation in China, Law press China, 2003;
CHENG Jinshan, Special Issues regarding to how to draft the Specification in patent application for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical invention, China Patent Agency, 2002.